Replica Watches

A few years ago every Tom, Dick, and Harry could hold a replica and tell that it’s a fake without any effort, but that’s history. Today`s replicas are beyond just outer appearance imitation with some crappy inner components. A lot of high-end Swiss watchmakers are going through a hard time to compete and overthrow replicas because the replica companies have now mastered detailed imitation going as far as copying movements and every other tiny detail.

The impact of replica watches

It is no brainer that replica watches are giving some well-known high-end watch manufacturers some chills down their spine. They are having a hard time themselves just to differentiate the counterfeits from the genuine ones and the worst case scenario sometimes they have to service them unknowingly. It is not like in the past where one could just look at a replica and tell it’s a fake. Nowadays, it takes a sharp and well-trained eye to notice a replica. Michael Benavente, managing director of Gucci Watches & Jewelry North America is one of the genuine watch manufacturers who really feel agitated by replicas. “Twenty years ago the fakes were really fake,” Michael says. “You looked at it really quick and you could see it was trash.” The Swiss had to set up an anti-counterfeiting unit as part of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH). Michel Arnoux, the current leader of the anti-counterfeiting unit cites a replica Hublot Big Bang tourbillon watch once seized by the Swiss customs. Michael was really taken aback when he held the counterfeit in his hands. “That was one of the first times I’ve held in my hand a fake tourbillon watch, a real high-precision mechanism,” Michael told the Swiss Broadcasting Corp. “The counterfeiters have now mastered ultra-complex movements.” He added. You could not tell it apart, everything about the counterfeit was exactly as the genuine Hublot with even the vanilla-scented rubber strap. It took a trained eye to notice the difference. The only thing that gave the watch away was a piece of plastic in the case where carbon was supposed to be and a reflective crystal that was supposed to be non-reflective. What was mostly mind-boggling was the movement. It was on point, the real high precision mechanism.


The history of replica watches stretches back to the 18th century when Great Britain came to rival France as the leading manufacturer of high-quality clocks and watches. Watch enthusiasts have always preferred replica watches for a number of different reasons apart from their economic aspect. Apart from just telling time, watches have always been known as a symbol of wealth, power, and royalty. It all started in the middle of the 18th century when German watchmakers and French-speaking Swiss watchmakers began to unscrupulously produce watches signed with famous and prestigious names of that time like Eadley Norton and George Graham. The Swiss were also at the fore-front in manufacturing imitations of Waltham watches. One thing peculiar to the Swiss industry and which made them more likeable was that they made their replicas so similar to the genuine ones, even going to the extent of borrowing the brand names. At the same time, the American watch industry was also gaining popularity and strength. As the early 1870s approached, the Swiss could not manage the competition so they surrendered the mass replica market field to the United States and shifted their focus on branding top-notch status symbols Other foreign companies tried not to be obvious by carrying out imaginary names with a more or less English sound such as “Simpton” or “Samson”. In the 19th century, Breguet was the most targeted by forgers and the British watchmakers continued falling victims. A typical example was the London maker Michael Isaac Tobias who was mistaken for “M J Tobias” by many forgers. Over the years, the replica watches industry has been growing and changing locations, currently, it is shifted to China. To date, there are over 640 million replica watches produced in China per year and only around 25 million produced by authentic suppliers.

Who wears Replica watches and why?

When it comes to replica watches, most people think it is all about the cheap price, but that’s not the case. People choose replica watches for different reasons apart from the financial side of things. Google analytics has shown that 15-30% of Google searches on watches are actually people looking for replica watches. Are all these poor people, fake people or imposters? Let`s see!

Japan vs Swiss mechanisms

The Swiss are the pioneers of the watch industry. Ever since the late 17th century, the most prestigious and luxurious innovations in design and movements have traced their origin to Switzerland. The Swiss have done it all, from the first perpetual watch to the first wristwatch to first waterproof watch and first quartz watch. However, the Japanese still deserve their piece of credit considering they just made their comeback in the 1970s and are currently a major competitor to the Swiss market.

So what`s really the difference?

What are quality standards, grading of quality? Swiss; A, AA, AAA ++

Although they are replicas, our watch masterpieces are manufactured in Switzerland by certified and experienced master watchmakers. All the pieces on our replicas are identical to the genuine watch. An original watch is disassembled for cloning so all parts can be accurately interchanged with the genuine watch. You can actually go to the original dealer`s shop for fixing your replica and they wouldn`t get a clue if you are confident enough. All our replicas are high quality watches which meet AAA+++ standards. You can hardly get your hand on a real Swiss made replica from any other website. Most websites just post false claims whilst in fact, they are selling Asian made watches, usually Chinese.

Why you should choose our store?

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