The history of Breitling SA can be traced back to Saint-Imier, Bernese Jura in the late 18th century, where it was found by Léon Breitling. Léon Breitling was a skilled watchmaker well known for handcrafting intelligent measuring tools and timepieces in his St. Imier workshop. Until late in the 19th century Breitling SA was a Breitling family business and then in 1979, it was bought by Ernst Schneider. It also continued as a family business until 2017 when the Schneider family sold the business for a massive deal of over $870m to CVC Capital Partners.

Breitling has an obsession for quality and the company is one of the largest and most reputable luxury watchmakers in the industry. The company is well known for its interest in aviation and space. In 1952 Breitling introduced a groundbreaking prototype which they called Breitling Navitimer and it still remains an icon till today. Probably you have figured out that the word “Navitimer” is just a portmanteau for the words “navigation” and “timer.” The Navitimer became a must and favorite to the aviation and space community. It also featured an amazing capability to calculate flight plans.

On May 24, 1962, astronaut Scott Carpenter during his space mission on the Aurora 7 spacecraft used his personally designed Navitimer. The outstanding additional feature on Scott Carpenters new Navitimer was the 24-hour dial which he especially needed in space to help him differentiate between night and day. After Scott Carpenter a lot of other celebrities in the 19th century have used Breitling, the likes of Sean Connery, actress Raquel Welch, Jazz legend Miles Davis, Formula 1 drivers Jim Clark and Graham Hill, Olympic gold medalist Jean-Claude Killy, identical-twin NASA astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly among thousands more prominent individuals.

One doesn`t become an official global aviation supplier by chance. It took Breitling a lot of hard work and consistency to earn a reputation as the supplier of reliable and high-performance instruments, mainly watches. Breitling has shared a lot of adventures in the conquest of the skies and oceans. It is one of the few companies to manufacture its own in house mechanical chronograph movements.

Breitling also has a good collaboration with the famous and luxurious Motor manufacturer Bentley. On their 10th partnership anniversary, they produced the Bentley B04 GMT, B05 Unitime and B06 (based on COSC Certified Breitling Calibre B06, B05 and B04respectively). Breitling for Bentley series remains the bestseller as it is a favorite to watch connoisseurs and watch snobs worldwide.

Each and every Breitling timepiece has something unique to it, they always have something new and they can never go wrong when it comes to quality, elegance, and precision. What I mostly like about Breitling watches is their versatility, the company is a pinnacle of the watch industry, dominating the sky with their superb aviation watches, the sea with their divers’ editions like the SuperOcean and the TransOcean. Last but not least, on land, there are thousands of extraordinary varieties to choose from, from the unparalleled SuperQuartz timepieces to the COSC Certified Automatic Chronometer movements. Breitling is available for all tastes and your choice is definitely unlimited. You would find them in all colours, shapes, and sizes; in titanium, gold and steel, blacksteel, auto chrono, with or without diamonds, up to the individual diamond dials, GMT and a variety of wrist straps (crocodile, stainless steel, leather, rubber, etc.)

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Do you know the origin of watches?

A lot of people own or at least have once owned a watch in their lives. However, a lot of us have always wondered, when did these little things on their wrists start?

The origin of watches is traced to the Egyptians and the Sumer who were the first people to have successfully developed and practically used watches. It is after them that other communities eventually followed suit by designing their own means of systems as well as devices to measure time. All these time measurements depended upon natural indicators like the movement of the moon, the sun, water, sea sand. Other groups of people measured the consumption of candles. Although today`s watches don`t have any relations to their predecessors they are still innovations which arose from these methods.