Although Bulgari is well known for its long history and rich cultural heritage, Bulgari was not always a watch enthusiast as it is nowadays. Bulgari haute horlogerie only dates back to the late 1970s when Gianni led a complete and drastic overhaul of the business, establishing a new watch business which focused on product design. Considering when they started, Bulgari watches have done a lot in a short time. The timepieces have experienced a dynamic history with illustrious designs, showcasing the creative talent behind, as well as creative interpretations and constantly strives towards technological improvements. The company`s 134 years of excellence wasn`t by chance.


To date the instantly recognizable BVLGARI-BVLGARI timepieces are a symbol of prestige and wealth. Bulgari embodies classic ancient Greek and Roman motifs which can be evidenced through Serpenti collection and the Greek amphitheater in the Anfiteatro watches. The company`s timepieces have their own in house movements with some borrowed technical watch expertise from other top watch manufacturers like Daniel Roth, Gerald Genta etc. Bulgari`s watches are a living legacy that will continue to grow as a major competitor in modern day luxury watch markets.

Bulgari haute Horlogerie amplifies excellence in all their timepieces, all their masterpieces prove that a lot of time and precision was invested in the product. The watch might seem like just a simple time telling bangle but the complexity behind the little haute horlogerie is beyond imagination. Expert watchmaking is complex and intricate, with a dash of magic. With its hundreds of parts operating in absolute harmony, the watch is just a symphony of perfection.

The experts of the Bulgari atelier do not focus on completion but perfection, the master watchmakers, stampers, precision mechanics or bevellers, dial-makers, all invest as much time and energy on each timepiece as if it was the only one they have. An average haute horlogerie watch takes several months to build and sophisticated timepieces like the Grandes Complications timepieces might take an entire year or even more.


Bulgari was found in 1884 by the Greek Silver Smith Sotirio Bulgari in Rome, Italy. In 1905 the company opened one of its first flagship boutiques at 10 Via Condotti, Rome. This boutique is still here today and represents Bulgari's emblematic store. Initially, the company was focusing on jewelry until the 1920s when they started to make watches with semi-precious stones.

One of Bulgari`s groundbreaking and historic brands was the Serpenti in 1940. Inspired by the Roman antiquity, Bulgari incorporated a slithering snake design in their watches with the face hid inside the head of the snake. Nonetheless, for the later versions, the face of the watch was not hidden for convenience purposes.

All this while, Bulgari`s designs resembled Paris` influence. Bulgari started to develop its unique styles like the asymmetrical flower design which gave way to symmetrical, compact shapes and structured shapes. Bulgari is one of the few watchmakers who are colour lovers. The brand adopts rare and new colour combinations through the use of gems, taking advantage of their colour effect.

In 1975 Bulgaria introduced Bulgaria Roma as a token of appreciation to the company`s most loyal customers. Although Bulgaria just made 100 timepieces as limited addition, Bulgaria Roma eventually became a resounding success and they chose to continue production. Two years down the line, Bulgaria also introduced the BVLGARI collection which featured the double engraving reminiscent of inscription as it was on ancient Roman coins. This marked Bulgari`s defined progress and consistency in the watchmaking markets.

Over the years, Bulgaria has been consistently shining, and eventually catching the eye of watch connoisseur collectors and watch aficionados. One of its latest inventions is the thinnest tourbillon in the world, the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater watch. It is the thinnest in its class in the entire world.

Family tree

Sotirios Boulgaris was born in a picturesque Aromanian village called Kalarites where he began his career. After moving to Rome in 1881, Sotirios finally opened his own company in 1884. In 1905, after so many years of hard work, Sotirios with the help of his two sons opened the flagship store in Via dei Condotti. The two sons were Costantino and Giorgio who later took over the leadership roles after their father`s death.

Giorgio died in 1996 leaving the company into the hands of his son Gianni who became the co-chief executive with his cousin Marina. Giorgio was responsible for the globalization of the company by opening shops across the world, in Paris, New York, Monte-Carlo and Geneva. He was also the man behind Bulgari`s drastic interest in the watch business which eventually became a success. In 1987 he sold the one-third stake of his company to his two brothers Paolo and Nicola. Paola and Nicola later on became the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the company with their nephew Francesco Trapani as the CEO. Trapani`s main goal was to diversify the business which he immediately started by releasing the company`s perfume line.

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