Cartier is an iconic brand that has earned itself an untainted record since its foundation. You don`t mess with perfection and the company would undoubtedly be exactly where it is now, right on everyone`s wrist in the future. The King of England, King Edward VII ordered up to 27 tiaras and also issued a royal warrant to Cartier in 1904. Edward VII referred Cartier as "the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers." Warrants of the same nature also followed after King Edward`s from all parts of the world and until now Cartier is a symbol of royalty and the elite class.


Cartier was born in 1847 when its founder Louis-François Cartier took over his master`s workshop. Over the years Cartier remained a family business until 1972 when Cartier Paris was sold to a team of investors led by Joseph Kanoui. Currently, Cartier is owned by Pierre Cartier`s granddaughter, Elle Pagels together with the South African Rupert family.

Throughout the years Cartier has been through the hands of different leaders and owners but its quality has continued to sail through. Cartier`s first revolutionary product was the “Tank” prototyped in 1917 but finally launched in 1919, five months post the Treaty of Versailles. The tank was inspired by the first World War, the vertical bars that run along each side of the case (brancards) recall a tank’s treads and the case represented a tank’s cockpit.

Soon after the introduction of the 1919 Tank, variations on the Tank design followed. The most popular was the more rounded Tank Louis Cartier in 1922 and the curved, oblong Tank Cintrée of 1921. Cartier is always relevant, for example, the Tank Chinoise was a reflection of the period`s love of chinoiserie. Just the angular shape of the tank in itself was a muse. The magic of the Tank is hidden in its unique design as Mr Cologni once said, “Much of the magic of the Tank resides in the ambiguity of its form which predisposes it so marvelously to geometric games.”

Currently on the Tank series Cartier is releasing the Tank Cintrée Skeleton with especially neat and curved caliber that matches the curved case. The Tank Cintrée Skeleton is a limited addition and will only be found in either platinum or pink gold. Its price starts from$56,000. According to Pierre Rainero, Cartier`s director of image, heritage and style “The watch is an innovation in terms of mechanics”

When the “Tank” was launched, the sensual Art Nouveau style was so popular and trending but Cartier deliberately ignored the style. The tank was or rather is shaped something between a square and a rectangle and the lugs, the bars at top and bottom that hold the strap, are neat into the case design. Cartier had made a rigorously linear and almost aggressively androgynous and spare watch. In a nutshell the tank was modern and so desirable because it was a totally new design and quite pleasant to the eye also.
Why Cartier?

In the world of classic and aesthetic watches, Cartier is hardly an afterthought. The company has been churning out esthetic watches since the late 18th century. Just by laying your eyes on the fine timepieces you would inevitably feel the edge of reaching out to put it on your wrist. According to Franco Cologni, a well-known watch aficionado, Cartier “is one of those V.I.O.s (Very Important Objects) which rank among side the most famous of human V.I.P.s.”

Cartier is, of course, the watch to wear. What else is more impressive than wearing a watch that heads of states, celebrities, and the Billionaires are also enthusiastic of. It is amazing how among its outstanding enthusiasts you would also find the world`s acknowledged design leaders. Cartier watches have been through the hands of leading international designer artists like Calvin Klein, Andy Warhol, and Yves Saint Laurent. Mr Warhol was known for his funny remark “I wear a Tank because it’s the watch to wear despite not wounding his watch properly. Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales owned two Cartier watches, the all-gold Tank Française, and the Tank Louis Cartier.

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