A hundred years ago Rubber didn’t exist, neither did ceramic fifty years ago, carbon fiber or magic gold. All these were unheard of in the watch industry until Hublot brought them into existence through its “Art of fusion”. Hublot has done a lot in a short while compared to its ancient 18th century Swiss counterparts.

The ‘Art of Fusion’ is the art of having a beautiful watch that possess mechanical movements, thus preserving the watchmaking tradition, but at the same time making watches that connect you to the present and future by use of today`s materials.


Hublot is one of the youngest high-end watchmaking Swiss companies, found by Carlo Crocco in 1980. Carlo Crocco was initially one of the most important figures in the Italian Binda Group dynasty, well known for making Breil watches. In 1976, Carlo Crocco left the company to start his own new watch company that we know today as Hublot. After relocating to Switzerland, Carl formed the MDM Geneve and for the first time, he designed a watch that he named the Hublot. The term Hublot was taken from the French word for “porthole”. I also wonder why?

The first Hublot was the first watch that featured a natural rubber strap in the history of watchmaking and this was indeed a major stride. It took Carlo and his colleagues three years of research to finally come out with the strap. Nonetheless, their first day at the 1980 Basel Watch fair was a fail, the watch failed to attract even a single potential customer. Fortunately, Carlo and his team were so good at the marketing game that by the end of the first year the company had sales of over two million dollars.

One of their most sought after watches by collectors is the Vendome (582888). The company only manufactured 700 of these. The Vendome was made in 1993 and it featured the now iconic rubber strap imprinted 582888 on the back of the watch without having the print on the internal workings but instead having plain workings featuring a plastic intern. This was one of the most affordable watches during its era but currently you would get it for at least double the price or even $20000.

As Carlo Crocco was growing older he was more preoccupied with many activities he did for Hand-in-Hand Foundation, a charity which helped deprived children around the globe and his own watch design works. Soon or later he needed the right successor to oversee his watchmaking company. In the year 2003, Carlo met then president of Swatch Group's Omega division, Jean-Claude Biver and he saw him fit for the job. The upcoming year Biver assumed leadership duties at Hublot as the CEO and also a minority shareholder and board member in Hublot Watches.

Biver`s arrival at Hublot didn`t go unnoticed. Soon after arrival, Biver was determined to create a new flagship collection which was later on unveiled the coming year`s April in Basel. The new Hublot`s "Big Bang" chronograph was an immediate success and within three years the orders had tripled. Three years down the line Hublot`s sales were increasing exponentially and the company managed to acquire a number of international prizes. After Biver`s arrival at Hublot, for the first time, the company`s sales hit twenty-four million Swiss francs.

A few months into the year 2005, Hublot received the Middle Eastern Prize for the "Best Oversized Watch" at the Editor’s Choice "Watch of the Year" in Bahrain, the “2005 Design Prize" in the "Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix" and the "Sports Watch Prize" at the "Watch of the Year" ceremony held in Japan. By the end of the year 2006, Hublot`s sales were averaging on the 100 million Swiss franc mark

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