It doesn`t take “aabra ka daabra” for a watch to be the choice of NASA and also the first watch on the Moon. Neither is it by chance for a watch to be the first official timekeeping device of the Olympic Games since 1932. It`s simply unparalleled perfection. You don`t mess up with perfection.

Omega`s pioneering spirit is what has kept them going for over 115 years and allowed them to conquer the depths of oceans, to time the world’s most important sporting events and go as far as the moon.


Although Omega SA is said to be born in 1903, its roots go beyond the 19th century. Before it became Omega SA, Omega was operating as La Generale Watch Co, a young Swiss watch manufacturer found in 1848 by 23-year-old Louis Brandt. Initially, Louis Brandt just assembled pocket watches using component parts in his workshop located in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

During his lifetime Louis worked hard and successfully developed his company to greater heights. By the time of his death in 1879, Omega was now a prominent mass-producer of pocket watches. After his death his two sons, Louis-Paul and Cesar took over the administration of the brand. The first thing they did upon assuming office was to meet the need of having to produce their own watch components by themselves due to late deliveries and poor quality parts that their father had relied on which caused delays.

The two brothers put their focus on quality and precision and by the year 1885 Omega produced its first and the world`s first mass-produced movement. This was the end of an era of making watches by hand one, at a time. It was the first time that the watch industry was experiencing automated manufacturing methods usually seen out of the industry. Omega introduced movements with interchangeable pattern parts which exponentially increased the construction speed, reducing cost and without compromising on the quality. This was just the beginning, Omega wasn`t done yet in its ground breaking endeavors. The year 1999 was marked by the company`s introduction of the Co-Axial movement. Not only was the Co-Axial movement regarded as a great achievement in the watchmakers` community but it has been considered to be the biggest advancement since the lever escapement was introduced.

Omega was destined for success. It`s like everything the company focused to work on turned into gold. This can be credited to the brand`s penchant for accuracy, which awarded the company with repeated success in all the 19th century`s chronometer trials held at observatories in Switzerland and Germany. Omega`s reputation skyrocketed, the demand for quality and reliable timing equipment was on the rise and Omega SA became the ultimate choice for many. The popular James Bond wore an Omega watch in his films ever since 1995. Omega is still one of the most prestigious and most expensive luxury watches on the market. The list of famous Omega watch wearers is endless and some of the few are George Clooney, John F. Kennedy, Buzz Aldrin and Prince William among many other VIPs and world leaders.

Due to Omega`s well-known attention to detail and ethos, it was honored with the responsibility of timekeeping at the Gordon-Bennett Cup (a famous international ballooning race). By 1932 Omega became the first official Olympic timekeeper. Since this time Omega has continued as the official timekeeper which supplies and operates the watches needed for timing all the sports events at Los Angeles games and it still has this responsibility to date.

Omega watches were on the verge of conquering, it was from one glory to another. In the year 1932 Omega came up with the Marine, the first in the line of water-resistant watches that gave way to 1947`s Seamaster. Ten years down the line Omega made the Seamaster a professional diving watch but did not discard the dressier style from the original (It was continued as the De Ville), Other similar brands were added to the Seamaster collection, the Railmaster, Aqua Terra and Planet Ocean.

It seems to conquer the land and the oceans weren`t just enough for Omega. They were always on the verge of doing something out of this world, this time literally. Omega`s Speedmaster became the first chosen watch by NASA to be flight qualified for space missions and it was the first watch to land on the moon.

Omega always has an exponential growth due to its unquenchable desire for innovation doing something out of the ordinary. Omega also focuses on broadening the usability of the current watches introducing motorcycle-mountable watches, watches with elevated dial markers for the blind.

The technology era couldn`t be as much of a threat to Omega as it was to other watchmakers. Instead, it was an opportunity for the success craze company to do something different. They introduced the Omegascope, probably a familiar sight of to all of us, an apt athlete` time measurement projected on a TV screen. Omega went on further to develop touchpads used to time swimmers and patent the first ever mobile photoelectric cell.

Omega is still as hungry for success and uniqueness it was in the 1900s. and still remains faithful to its heritage, manufacturing top-notch luxury watches with proved and efficient manufacturing methods. With an Omega watch, you can go into the depths of the ocean, as far as the cosmos would allow you to go without ever having to worry about your little faithful time-teller. Omega`s constellation still continues upholding high standards of accuracy.

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