Privacy Policy online shop gives only safe buying method. We are the professionals in this business and due to this fact, we know how correctly to set the priorities for giving the privacy and convenience for our customers.

  • All provided information from you will be in safe and not be sharing with anybody.
  • Name, e-mail address, credit card – this information we need during the purchase operation. This is an important part of the ordering process for the correct realization of your order.
  • We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) innovative technology in order to protect your personal data. Due to this, we have the right to guarantee the safest transactions with a credit card during the purchase process.
  • If our site customers or visitors write any questions or comments, it will not include the personal information, if they do not want it.
  • You will receive an e-mail with order details after making the order. In case of problems with a received product, please write us an e-mail with an explanation of the problem. After this, we will resolve the problem.
  • All the products are sent to you with the required protection in order to ensure the privacy of every customer.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us: [email protected]

Return Policy

Return and exchange:

If you are not pleased with the received product, please take into consideration the next options:

  • you can exchange the watch for another one
  • your watch can be fixed
  • you are able to get a refund

  • When you have selected one from the options above, follow the next regulations:

  • Write an e-mail where will be the explanation of your watch problem.
  • Be sure to indicate if you need a return, an exchange, or a repair with the warranty.
  • Write your order number
  • Send the e-mail to the given address: [email protected]
    • When we receive your e-mail letter with the problem, you will get a reply with the return code. The package with the watch you send back us should have the code.


    • If there are any links that you have received with the watch, you should include them. If you have not these links, we can’t take the replica watch back for the exchange it or make a return.
    • If it is a return, the watch should get back in the same state you received it from our shop. It should have no issues or damages.
    • We are obliged to offset any defect of the replica watch if it is a guilt of manufacturer. Nevertheless, if the product gets damaged during an accident, delivering process, or wearing then we are not able to cover this type of problem.
    • You need to treat your timepiece very carefully, in order to keep it without any damages. Protect your watch from water exposure.
    • The watch with manufacturers' defect will be renovated in most of the incidents. In other cases, you will receive a new item of the identical model.
    • If there is no this model in our catalog, you are able to order another item at the same cost.
    • If the price of the watch is higher, then add the needed amount of money for covering the difference.
    • We return the difference in price if you select a product with a lower price.
    • There are situations when the timepiece can be lost during the delivery process. In this case, it is necessary to wait for 30 days, in order to find your parcel. If we do not find it, then you will get the return.
      • Sometimes, it is obligatory to cover extra costs, if happened such situations. We are not able to predict such difficulties during the ordering process. However, our policy does not specify costs. It depends on the country, where the package is sent.

        If you have more questions, you can get in touch with via e-mail [email protected]