Richard Mille

Ever been told that you can be anything you want to be in life? Well if you believe that, then Richard Mille is the brand to believe in when it comes to luxury watches. Richard Mille watches are dreams and experiences transformed into tangible timeless timepieces. The RM011 which enjoyed a nine-year reign as a much sought after luxury wrist piece is just one of the legendary luxury watches that come to mind. The novelty embodied by all the watches in the Richard Mille collections has kept the innovation behind all these designs alive.

Richard Mille’s Mission was to create luxury watches that completely realize their function with every element of their form. The brand uses materials never before seen in watch-making. The brand is in a habit of reimagining the purposes and designs of certain. Novelty is the word that comes to mind when you discover the first titanium movement baseplate which was the highlight of the 2001 release the RM002, the carbon nanofiber baseplate from 2004. Richard Mille boasts of the world’s lightest mechanical tourbillion never stopping in breaking its own records from the RM06 to the RM09. Another aluminum-lithium tourbillion movement and a case constructed from ALUSIC, movement from Phynox rods and working movement elements cut from semi-precious stones among others can only add to the marvel of this brand.

The majority of Richard Miller luxury watches get their inspiration from sports and from the athletes themselves. The line of luxury watches has a long history of association with prolific athletes across all disciplines that have influenced one design or another. The likes of Rafael Nadal the tennis star, Bubba Watson US golfer and Felipe Massa the Brazilian race car driver are just but a few who have been huge influences in the brand with others being brand ambassadors after the fact.

The most notable alliance is the one between Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal which saw the watchmaker breaking new grounds in using new materials for movements in order to make the watches even lighter than was previously thought possible. Their 2010 partnership birthed a watch that weighed only 18 grams and Rafael Nadal wore the RM027 during his matches at the French Open, US Open, and the prestigious Wimbledon. In 2015 the first Richard Mille luxury watch to have a metal bracelet was unveiled. It was an improvement on the first one made for the tennis player and has a unibody design, another first for luxury watches.

In another of Richard Mille’s daring feats a limited edition luxury watch named for Felipe Massa the brand’s first ambassador is created with a case made entirely from sapphire crystal. This becomes its most famous and expensive luxury watch and the creativity pays off with huge numbers.

The luxury wristwatches by Richard Mille have continuously been improved in on very unexpected ways. The founder Richard Mille a seasoned watchmaker brought into life an eponymous brand of luxury Swiss watches that has been testing and breaking limits of what was previously unexplored ground since 1999. And the result is an ever inspiring collection of luxury watches that we have today.

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