The first period of its existing, the Rolex company was worked for their reputation and then the reputation worked for them. The analysts assume that possibly the Rolex timepieces are not the most beautiful and the most stylish and even not the most expensive in the production. Nevertheless, the sellers say that on every 10 buyers of other brands have to fifty those who enter the shop, especially to buy the Rolex watch.


The Rolex company was founded in 1905 in the London by the Hans Wilsdorf and his relative Alfred Davie. Hans had the idea and plan when his relative had the money for investment. Initially, the brand for the name Wilsdorf & Davis and the watches had the W&D logotype. Their production was created from the Swiss details in London.

Actually, the men had not to use wristwatches until the beginning of 20th centuries. They considered that watches were fashionable jewelry, especially for women. Besides, the gentlemen preferred the pocket watch, believing that a small size of a wristwatch cannot have a high-quality mechanism. Hans Wilsdorf had the goal to change the given opinion. This was a risk but the winner became a discoverer and entered in the history of the watch industry.

In 1910, the production of Hans Wilsdorf received a certificate of chronometric accuracy for the first time in the history of watches. Moreover, the mechanism was assigned to class “A” four years later. Previously, this class received only marine chronometers.

Rolex Company Start

To this moment, Hans Wilsdorf changed the name of the company to Rolex that means a random set of letters. Supposedly, the main requirement of the founder was sonority and possibility to insert the name on the watch dial. The word Rolex had satisfied these two criteria.

By the way, the World War I unexpectedly raised the popularity of Rolex company. The soldiers used wristwatches and it was very convenient for them in comparison with a pocket watch. Also, this fact identified the first target audience of Rolex company. This was the men of such professions as pilots, researches, seamen, and divers for whom the pocket watches gave a continuous inconvenience. The company began to develop in the researches focusing on their needs.

In fact, Rolex is one of the few companies that make all the watch details without buying something from other companies.

The Greatest Triumph in Watch-making

In 1926, the company released a timepiece with the sealed enclosure Oyster that became the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch in the world. The watch case was highly reliable.

However, the buyers didn’t believe advertising and due to this fact, the Rolex company should have confirmed with a visual evidence. The Rolex representatives asked an Englishwoman Mercedes Gleitze to take their watch model when they found out that she wants to swim across the English Chanel. She wore it on the neck and went into the ten o’clock swimming.

The long stay in water had not to effect to the mechanism work. Moreover, it became the best and the first advertisement of a Rolex watch and made the basis of the marketing strategy of the given company. Then, the Rolex company have tested their timepieces many times with the help of the athletes in the race cars, bathyscaphes, airplanes – under the water, in the mountains, and in the air.

The most important goal of the Rolex company was to prove that their products are possible on such accuracy from what people’s lives can depend. In 1930, the given watch company developed a self-winding mechanism. The timepieces had the possibility to charge from any movement of a human hand.

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