Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin has an incessant history of more than 260 years dedicated to watchmaking brilliance. It is one of the most renowned timepiece piece manufacturer hailing from Switzerland. It holds the extraordinary standing of being the first ever watchmaking enterprise that still operates to date. Its roots can be traced back to the middle of the sixteenth century. This massively popular brand is well-known for its astonishingly gorgeous timepieces manufactured with a varying range of stunning ornamental specifying methods. Some of these methods include enameling, engraving, gem-setting and what is referred to as guilloche which denotes complex metalwork resulting from a machining process. Such styles are pertinent components of the historical fabric of the watchmaking practices of Geneva. Vacheron Constantin integrates them into movements of the timepieces as well as the peripheral chunks of the watch elements.

Vacheron Constantin’s is very neat and; a blend of chicness and a sublime elegance that has seen the brand a fashion pioneer in the timepiece industry. As a leading brand, it ranks among the very first watchmaking players to move away from the historically prevalent round timepiece design. It launched timepieces in numerous shapes that included tonneau which is essence barrel-shaped, square-shaped watches, spearheaded watches and angled free-form coverings.

The History Vacheron Constantin

Jean Marc Vacheron the founder of Vacheron Constantin had been a skilled watchmaker by the beginning of his twenties. It was in 1755, at the age of 24 that Vacheron started his own workspace. After a short while, Vacheron took own his foremost apprentice by the name Esaïe Jean François Hetier. Vacheron and Hetier signed a contract on 17 September 1755. This date became the recognized launch date of the company. Similar to its contemporaries, the Vacheron workshop began by manufacturing pocket watches as well as clocks typically. The very first documented instance of the manufacture of a timepiece by Vacheron was a classy pocket watch engraved in silver in 1755. His signature appeared on the timepiece. Vacheron’s workshop quickly became renowned for producing pocket watches of outstanding exquisiteness. The year 1785 saw Vacheron giving management of the workshop to his son Abraham Vacheron. Abraham had a vast array of skills, having been gifted in commercial and business affairs, diplomatic matters and timepiece making. He managed to successfully keep the company in existence in spite of the conundrums presented by the French Revolution.

During the closing years of the 18th century, the workshops were creating many novel advances in timepiece making comprising some of the earliest complications for timekeeping. In 1790, Vacheron produced the Vacheron à Genève that featured a complication for day and date. The watch had beautiful ornamental detailing, a testament of the complex nature that was characteristic in the movements of Vacheron. Jacques-Barthélemy Vacheron took over management of the family business in the year 1810. Under his authority, the company persisted in unearthing new types of complications and other innovative advancements that would eventually go down in history for their game-changing capabilities.

Origins of the Vacheron Constantin Name and its Motto

Jacques Barthélemy Vacheron, in 1819 decided that distributing management duties with a reliable partner would be of immense advantage to his family business. After careful consideration, he went on to choose François Constantin, an insightful and sharp-minded businessman who had innate zeal and fondness for splendid watches. The company was then known as, “Vacheron and Constantin” but later on adopted the name “Vacheron Constantin”. Constantin had an impressive ability to find new markets with minimum hustle. This meant the brand’s customers increased in tandem with the expanding markets. He worked diligently, constantly journeying for over thirty years in a bid to discover new clientele and marketing prospects for Vacheron Constantin. Both men’s hard work and exertions to grow their brand’s client base quickly rewarded them generously. By the third decade of the 19th century, Vacheron Constantin had opened sales branches in the United States, Cuba, and Brazil. Constantin, like the Vacheron family, was a firm believer in endeavoring for flawlessness and perpetual improvement.

It was in a certain letter between Vacheron Constantin and a client that their company motto materialized. The specific proclamation from this letter that impeccably highlighted the company’s essence: “Do better if possible and that is always possible.” In fact, this would in the future come to be Vacheron Constantin’s endorsed company motto. Vacheron Constantin had for a while been celebrated for unassailable style and ornamental originality.

The company has continued to grow in strides since, in 2015, Vacheron Constantin celebrated its 260th birthday anniversary. Today, under the colossally fruitful Swiss-based luxury goods corporation Richemont, it remains in domination in the international high-end watch market. But, what exactly has the company managed to release into its illustrious watchmaking portfolio? The following are some of the most exceptional timepieces from the brand to be released over the years.

Vacheron Constantin Triple Date and Moonphase in Yellow Gold
Vacheron Constantin Jumbo in Rose Gold
Vacheron Constantin Watch Signed Türler with TeardropLugs in Yellow Gold
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Perpetual CalendarChronograph in Rose Gold
Vacheron Constantin continues to rank among the market leaders in terms of watchmaking superiority and will surely continue to do so for years to come.

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